Allen West: ‘Faux Commander in Chief’ Obama Thinks ‘Beards, Turbans, & Hijabs’ More Important Than Vets

Obama supports those that he loves.
Check it out:

Speaking at CPAC earlier this month, Lt. Col. Allen West had some very harsh words for President Obama on the subject of the military and veteran’s benefits.

West’s primary issue in this clip is the reduction in force of our military, as well as deprioritizing of training and equipment in favor of progressive, feel good policy initiatives that, frankly, do nothing for readiness. As long as this administration continues to focus on nonsense like undermining good order and discipline by breaking long traditional and obvious common sense rules of uniforms instead of what is actually necessary for a modern fighting force, a “faux Commander-in-Chief” is about as kind and delicate a description as Obama can expect from a soldier like Allen West.



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