What to Do About Algore’s Movie in School?

The easy answer is to not have your kids in government schools.
Check it out:

Since the subject has been broached, a couple more things here on this whole global warming hoax. It is genuinely, truly important that you parents get this right, because it is one of the primary vehicles used to inculcate your kids into becoming state-supporting, good little liberals. It is crucial. It’s crucial to raising kids that are pending self-reliant, able to take care of themselves. That’s learning how to deal with failure.

When you have a bunch of kids who have never been allowed to fall because of the pain, they’re gonna be scared to death of doing anything that has any degree of risk. And, as such, they’re never gonna accomplish anything, really. And at worse, they’re gonna end up being totally dependent on some outside institution to take care of ’em. More than likely, the government. This global warming hoax is one of the building blocks for young people to become good card-carrying liberals.

Now, John Hinderaker, Power Line, has a good post over the weekend about global warming. Do you know what climate alarmism is based on? Climate change/global warming alarmism, do you know what it is based on? It’s based on one thing: Climate models. It is not based on empirical evidence. It “is not based on empirical observation.” It is not based on real data.

The entire theory of global warming — and I am not exaggerating — is rooted in computer models predicting the future 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years down the road. And that is it. And the computer models are put together by biased scientists who have a financial interest in producing an outcome that their donors want. A computer model is only as good as the data that’s put into it. The whole global warming movement “is entirely predicated on computer models that are manipulated to generate predictions of significant global warming as a result of increased concentrations of CO2.”

There is no scientific evidence backing it up. It is all a supposition that they use the computer models to back up. Then they go and get a picture of polar bear on a small, little piece of ice. They present this fraudulent picture as evidence of ice melting at the North Pole, and when that ice melts that polar bear is gonna die! And a little kid is gonna believe that because a little kid doesn’t know a polar bear can swim 60 miles.

A little kid doesn’t know that that piece of ice is where the polar bear goes to take a vacation. The polar bear is there vegging. The polar bears seek out these little ice floes just to take a break. And they be they jump off, see a fish, bam! They jump off, go get it, and come back. And it’s true there are more polar bears today than in the last 10, 15 years. There’s no truth to any of this alarmism. The models that are put together obey the input of the people that create the model.



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