ACORN vs. KGB in Ukraine

It is quite embarrassing for America to get ignored like it doesn’t matter.
Check it out:

Did you see this video report from the Wall Street Journal? “Russia Taking Over Ukraine’s News Media.” And, by the way, we must have great audio sound bites coming up. The two infobabes at Russian TV, one quit on the air, and the American media is just livid at her. And the other one, who criticized Putin on the air, has been sent to get-your-mind-right camp. And, apparently, it didn’t take very long ’cause she’s back with her mind right, now spreading the Putin gospel. It’s incredible. It’s all coming up here.

There’s a video report from the Wall Street Journal: “Russia Taking Over Ukraine’s News Media.” Pretty outrageous. I didn’t know that Putin even had an FCC. He’s put hall monitors in his own media, like they want to do here. But seriously, folks, this Ukraine business, I like to always find ways to put things in perspective that might be persuasive. And this Ukraine business — we had a call yesterday from a very articulate woman, an African-American, who said, “Look, this Ukraine business isn’t gonna change anybody’s mind on Obama. This Ukraine business is esoteric. You gotta talk about those black pastors that have 25,000 signatures now on a petition to impeach Eric Holder.”

I said, “We did, I talked about it twice.” But her point was nobody cares about this stuff. It isn’t gonna change any low-information voter’s minds. And sadly, she’s right. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t find a way nevertheless to make it connect. That’s my constant struggle, is to take all this esoteric stuff, make the complex understandable. And I think the way to understand Ukraine is to boil it down to its essence, to step back and think about what we are witnessing. This is the KGB vs. ACORN.

Now, what do you think is gonna happen in this conflict? We have a top KGB officer — by the way, I have a little thing I printed here for the Stack of Stuff. It is a picture of Reagan in Moscow — it says 1988 — at a summit. He’s standing outside the Kremlin, and Gorbachev is there and other Soviet officials, and there is a man disguised as a tourist with a camera around his neck. It’s Putin! The KGB showed up as families that the Russians, the Soviets, wanted Reagan to meet. And these KGB people pretending to be families supposedly hit Reagan with accusatory questions, just like the left would do here if they got hold of people they didn’t like on television or something.



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