ABC News: ‘Bizarre’ For Ted Cruz To Think Obamacare Can Be Repealed

Liberals never seem to get it.
Check it out:

ABC News’s Jonathan Karl mocked Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) belief that Obamacare could be repealed while President Barack Obama is in office if the law and the president should get even more unpopular.

Cruz, who tried to defund the Obamacare law even before the disastrous rollout and the multiple waivers that have since been granted, said he believed “every single word” of the law could be repealed in an interview that aired on ABC’s This Week on Sunday.

When Karl said that it was safe to assume that the law cannot be repealed while Obama was in office, Cruz did not accept his assumption, arguing instead that there was one scenario in which it could happen. Cruz said politicians on both sides of the aisle are unified by wanting to preserve “their own hide.” If Democrats could face a situation in which they “stand with Obamacare and lose” or “listen to the American people and have a chance at staying in office,” the law could be repealed with or without Obama’s permission.



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