What Will Young People Think About the Clintons We Remember?

The sad thing is they’ll probably think they’re cool.
Check it out:

Now, this Mrs. Clinton business. You know, yesterday we talked about the revival of the Clinton era nineties and how there’s a whole group of young people that don’t know anything about it. They weren’t old enough or weren’t alive during the Lewinsky scandal. We think it was just yesterday, but in terms of voting age, you’ve got some young people that are gonna be voting for the first time in the next couple of years to whom that’s nothing more than something that happened either in their childhood or when they weren’t even born.

And so the question is, what is their impression of Clinton? I mean, their impression of Clinton is Clinton Global Initiative; their impression of Hillary, Secretary of State; they’re great people. People who were not alive or paying attention back then and based only on what’s reported about the Clintons today will have a viewpoint that maybe the Clintons are wonderful people, filled with compassion, they help others, and everybody loves them, Clinton’s popular, he’s everywhere, he’s with all these pop culture guys, he hangs out with Bono, and then they learn about Lewinsky.

What’s going to be the impact? It could go either way. Kathleen Willey was on Megyn Kelly last night. By the way, what prompted me to bring this up is, there’s a bumper sticker. You know, you’ve all seen this before, but they’re being revived. You know, Rand Paul is out there talking about what an absolute disgrace Bill Clinton was, and Kathleen Willey is saying that Hillary Clinton is the War on Women.

There’s a lot of young people — remember, political parties target ’em — that don’t know anything about this. So there’s a bumper sticker. I saw it. “Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife for President.” That’s the bumper sticker. Now, if you don’t know Monica Lewinsky or how she’s even in the news or why she’s in the news, that bumper sticker might not mean anything to you. But if you don’t, what a put-down of Clinton. “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-wife.”



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