How will you celebrate World Hijab Day today?

Wow. You thought the liberal brain washing was bad, wait til you see how brain washed these ladies are. Sad. They are probably scared for their lives.
Check it out:

Guess what day IT IS! Huh? Anybody?

That’s right. It’s World Hijab Day.

Sort of like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one for lovers of Muslim head coverings, World Hijab Day offers a formalized opportunity to proselytize about veils.

The World Hijab Day website offers a wealth of information about this festive day. The plan is for women who don’t wear Islamic headscarves to step into “the shoes of a hijabi for one day,” thus fostering “awareness of what the hijab is about.”

The site strongly emphasizes — with CAPITAL LETTERS EVEN — that some women — only some, of course — “do CHOOSE to wear it, that a hijab is not automatically an indication that a woman is being oppressed.”

The “Q & A” page provides additional insight. As it explains, women — “sisters” – can participate by donning hijabs “wherever they might be on February 1st.”

You don’t need to be a Muslim to be a part of the fun. “This event is for women of all faiths.”



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