Why Did I Want Obama to Fail? The Answer is in the CBO Report on Obamacare

When Obama fails, America succeeds!
Check it out:

The CBO report. Folks, to do this properly we almost have to go back to January 16th of 2009. This would be two weeks before President Obama was inaugurated. January 16, 2009, was when I said over and over again — what happened, the Wall Street Journal had asked for 200 words from a bunch of conservative media people, advice for President Obama, one of those kind of things. I forget what the exact question was. I wrote back and I said, “I don’t need 200 words. I just need four. ‘I hope he fails.'” The reason I said that is because I meant it. I hope he failed because if Obama would fail the country would survive, the country as founded.

Now, it was immediately seized upon and predictably misreported, taken out of context, and it was reported to all the low-information voters that I was hoping, I was so partisan, I was so pro-conservative, so GOP, that if my side didn’t win, that I wanted the country to go in the tank. And that’s what was reported. That was just one of the most unpatriotic things anybody could say. Nobody wants the president to fail, nobody wants America to fail. But, see, the two didn’t go together in my mind. Obama failing meant the country being spared.

So I went on Hannity’s show one night to explain it in great detail, and it was a waste of time, even though appearing on the Hannity show was fun, ’cause everybody knew what I meant. They just took the occasion to distort it and misrepresent it, but everybody that was criticizing knew exactly what I meant. It was just typical behavior of the left and the left will the wing media. They all knew exactly what I meant but they were feigning ignorance and acting as though they don’t. As the controversy continued to attach itself to it, I continued to explain it. To me, I still stand by it.



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