Unload: Homeowners Open Fire On Invaders

People need to be able to defend themselves from not only criminals, but tyrants.
Check it out:

Is Detroit now America’s safest city?

It’s a thought.

In the last week, three different Detroit residents have used their guns to fire at home invaders. The toll after seven days: Two dead, one wounded, three arrested and a whole lot of people rethinking the idea that Detroit homeowners are soft targets for hardened criminals.

The latest case of lethal self-defense happened early Saturday morning.

“Two men broke into a home armed with a tire iron,” reported the ABC affiliate in Detroit.

“The intruders tried to knock out the homeowner, but the homeowner fired back with his gun. He shot them both and killed one of them, a 21-year-old man. The other man got away.”

Just a few hours before that, a home invader tried his luck with a woman pulling into her driveway.

“A man with a gun appeared out of nowhere. She dropped her keys on the ground as a distraction and then reached for her own gun and shot and killed him.”



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