Liberals just can’t understand when their lies are not accepted by informed voters.
Check it out:

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union asserted in an appeal to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed Friday that Republican public officials and union opponents unfairly influenced workers at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant that rejected the union by a 53-47 percent margin on Feb. 14.

Those groups, the UAW said in its complaint, “conducted what appears to have been a coordinated and widely-publicized coercive campaign, in concert with their staffs and others, to deprive VWGOA workers of their federally-protected right, through the election, to support and select the UAW as their exclusive representative.”

Anti-union forces were not the only political actors to get involved in the election.

President Barack Obama voiced his support for the unionization effort and a prominent VW board member, who also represents European labor group IG Metall, threatened to withhold investments to the plant if it did not unionize.

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