Obama told so many lies it was hard to keep up.
Check it out:

There it is again. I’m telling you, they don’t believe that. This is a focus group tested phrase now, because he says it every time he opens his mouth. We just gotta make sure in America, if you work hard, you get ahead. They’re focus-grouping this within the Regime. They’re focus-grouping this within the context of socialism criticism and this kind of thing. (Interruption) Yeah, he didn’t deny it; he just ignored it. (imitating Obama) “What do you mean, transform the country? You wouldn’t understand anyway.”

Now, then, later, maybe it was during the interview. I don’t know. Somebody, somewhere at some point O’Reilly said of or two, I’m not sure which, Obama. “I don’t think you’re trying to hurt people.” He might have said this in a post-interview. He might have said, “I don’t think Obama is try to hurt anyone.” He might have said it to people. It’s one of the two. But the point was: “I just think he’s wrong. I think Obama’s policies are wrong, but I don’t think Obama is trying to hurt anybody or anything. That’s what the right-wing extremists believe,” and O’Reilly will do anything to make sure he is not deemed a right-winger because whoever leads that group is already taken, so he can’t go there.

So he’s Mr. Independent, moderate, you know, above the fray type thing, and he doesn’t think Obama’s trying to hurt anybody. He’s just wrong. I expected that to occur during the interview with Obama. That’s the only thing I got wrong. I thought he would say that to Obama during the interview, but he didn’t. Anyway, that’s the crux of it. It went on longer than that, but that’s the crux. In all fairness, O’Reilly brought up things to Obama that had never been brought up before. So much so that the AP referred to O’Reilly’s questions as Republican questions. But now it’s in the past. Obama did it. He’s answered ’em, nothing to see here, can’t we move on finally, and it’s over.

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