Is it time for a new Republican Party?

It’s time to get conservatives in charge of the GOP. Remember that as you vote in the primary’s this year.
Check it out:

Conservative radio host Mark Levin attacked Republican leadership after Congress passed the farm bill and raised the debt ceiling, exclaiming, “We need a new Republican party.”

Fox News host Neil Cavuto spoke with Levin about the conservatives’ tough week in Washington, after Republicans aided Democrats in passing a $1 trillion farm bill and an extension of the debt ceiling. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner argued it was best to capitulate on these issues and focus on Obamacare, which the party views as a winning issue going into November elections.

Levin thinks a little differently. “I am sick and tired of defeatist Republicans going on and on, ‘You gotta count the numbers,’” he said. “Leaders affect events. Leaders change mindsets. Leaders change trajectory.”



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