Texas Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down

Liberals aren’t going to allow us to live in peace. We’re going to have to separate ourselves from them.
Check it out:

Texas’ ban on gay marriage was struck down by San Antonio-based federal Judge Orlando Garcia today. The judge suspended his ruling, however, meaning that the ban will remain in place until a secondary ruling by an appeals court later this year.

Federal judges have the right to suspend a law if it is believed to cause significant suffering for the plaintiffs.

The original lawsuit in Texas was filed by two gay couples: Cleopatra De Leon and Nicole Dimetman of Austin; and Mark Phariss and Victor Holmes of Plano.

In his decision, Judge Garcia said the gay marriage ban has no “rational relation to a legitimate government purpose.” He continued, “One of the court’s main responsibilities is to ensure that individuals are treated equally under the law. Equal treatment of all individuals under the law is not merely an aspiration it is a constitutional mandate. Supreme Court precedent prohibits states from passing legislation born out of animosity against homosexuals, has extended constitutional protection to the moral and sexual choices of homosexuals, and prohibits the federal government from treating state-sanctioned opposite-sex marriages and same-sex marriages differently.”



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