How the Tea Party Cornered John Boehner on Immigration

At least someone was able to talk some sense into him this time. Now we just have to keep him away from the liberals.
Check it out:

Wednesday morning at a small meeting of conservative House members called the Conservative Opportunity Society, the topic was immigration—specifically, John Boehner. Despite the loud protestations of his rank-and-file, the House Speaker had come back from the the GOP’s retreat in Cambridge, Maryland seemingly determined as ever to get amnesty legislation to the floor in 2014.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen laid it out in blunt terms. “I can’t think of a stupider thing for the Republicans to do,” Rasmussen told the assembled lawmakers (he thinks the GOP should tackle immigration reform in 2015, after the midterms).

Only 24 hours later, the Ohio Republican finally relented, abruptly hitting the brakes on his immigration push.

Boehner told reporters that distrust of Obama was an insurmountable hurdle to bringing forward legislation. The real story of Boehner’s sudden reticence was the building fury of hardline amnesty opponents in Congress and the grassroots activists who had been melting the Capitol phone lines.



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