Switzerland Votes to Reintroduce Limits on Immigration

Only makes sense.
Check it out:

With almost all votes counted, it looks like Switzerland–which never joined the European Union (EU)–is set to reintroduce measures that would significantly reduce the free movement of people across its borders with the EU.

While the political and media establishments have argued that Switzerland’s freedom of movement agreements with the European Union are crucial to the country’s trade and employment figures, the Swiss people appear to have narrowly rejected the premise.

Around 51 percent are said to have voted in favour of measures which would see an effective end to the treaties that Switzerland and the European Union currently abide by, which allows any European Union citizen to move to the non-EU country.

The new rules would impose an absolute limit on the number allowed to settle in Switzerland, a move which some have argued would be detrimental to business interests in the country.



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