Surrender: GOP to Push ‘Clean’ Debt Ceiling Increase

So tired of the GOP not being a conservative party. We have to make sure to dominate the GOP this fall with conservatives.
Check it out:

Just one day after unveiling a plan to link a lift in the debt ceiling to restoring cuts to military pensions, House Speaker John Boehner announced on Tuesday that he would push a “clean” debt ceiling increase. Under a “clean” bill, the nation’s debt ceiling would increase without any corresponding spending cuts or policy changes.

The new plan means Boehner likely will have to violate the long-standing “Hastert rule,” where only legislation that has support from a majority of the GOP caucus is brought up for a vote. The “clean” debt ceiling increase will require a majority of Democrat support for passage.

In recent weeks, the House GOP has discussed tying a debt ceiling increase to approval of the Keystone pipeline, changes to ObamaCare, or a restoration of the recently enacted cuts to military pensions. Those have been abandoned and the party is preparing to increase the nation’s debt with “no strings attached.”



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