Why are You Surprised NBC Praises Putin?

Liberals are the new communists.
Check it out:

Bob Costas and pinkeye in Sochi in communist Russia. What’s the surprise? You hear about Bob Costas? Costas woke up… You’ve heard about these stories in Sochi. I know some people that are over there and the stories are being exaggerated about how bad the hotels and stuff are. Some of it’s true, but the real story at Sochi — and I’ve gotta be very careful here, folks. The real story at Sochi is going to be the American performance, the ice skating.

Some of it’s already begun. The Russian figure skaters ran rings around us. Now, the early hints are not good for the American team. We’ll just have to wait and see, and, it’s just like first day here, first, second day. But, yeah, Costas got up, and I don’t understand it. Everybody’s up in arms ’cause Costas got out there and started praising Putin.

Why is everybody surprised that NBC News would laud praise over a Soviet KGB leader, when they are his prisoner for two weeks as the televising network? Besides that, there’s not that much ideological difference anyway. People are apparently upset that Costas referred to Putin as a peacemaker. Folks, that’s right. What do you think liberals think of communists? They’re blood brothers!

The communists were the peacemakers.

We were the problem.



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