Super-Cool Plan to Stop Japan’s Radiation

This has been bungled so much that you’d think Obama was personally overseeing it.
Check it out:

A construction project is being launched at Japan’s imploded Fukushima nuclear power plant, which melted down after an offshore undersea earthquake and the resulting tsunami three years ago, to try to limit the release of immense amounts of radiation.

Officials already had announced plans for a $300 million project to build an almost mile-long subterranean ice wall around the complex, which is hoped to have the effect of halting the drainage of contaminated water from the plant site.

Construction is scheduled by Tokyo Electric Power Company, the Japanese utility that owns the failed site, to begin on the complicated system within days.

It was September of last year when the Japanese government released plans for an underground wall based on technology first tested in the 1990s at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with encouraging results.

Joe Sopko, executive vice president of Moretrench, a Rockaway, N.J., based contractor specializing in frozen-earth projects, is convinced it’s certainly possible. As he told The Atlantic, “This is not a complicated freeze job. It really isn’t. However, the installation, because of the radiation, is.”



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