Squat this! U.S. property taken in name of Allah

Are these people serious? I guess liberals will try anything for a buck and attention.
Check it out:

You may have missed this chapter in Black History Month: In 1787, a bunch of people signed a bunch of agreements that said black people are not required to obey American laws because they are really citizens of Morocco, not the United States.

Today, members of the Moorish Nation claim this entitles black people to move into empty houses without paying (don’t call it squatting!), create their own license plates, issue their own drivers licenses, print their own property titles and claim sovereign immunity when they get arrested.

All without success, so far. But they keep trying all over the country.

Moorish Nation made its biggest national impression last March, when Abka Re Bey and her six children moved into a $3 million, 10,000-square foot mansion in Memphis. Abka Re Bey even filed paperwork with the local Register of Deeds saying she was taking ownership of the property “in the name of Allah, the most high,” said NewsOne, a TV network “for Black America.”

The Washington Post, CBS News and others neglected to mention the religious connection to Islam in their reports on these racially separate squatters.



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