It’s a Sickening See, I Told You So: Obama Ushers in the End of American Dominance

When will Obama start his quest to retain power?
Check it out:

This has been coming. It was easily predictable because Obama said that this was his agenda, if you paid attention. But people didn’t want to pay attention to it, either didn’t think it possible or didn’t care, and maybe thought it was a good thing since they’d been so brainwashed into thinking Iraq was such a disaster. But of course take a look at the body count in Afghanistan under Obama and compare it to the body count in Iraq under Bush. It’s not a contest anymore. But you don’t hear about it. Where is the anti-war movement? It doesn’t exist, does it, when Democrats are in office?

Richard Cohen in the Washington Post — he’s a Democrat, he’s a liberal — he watched Susan Rice on the Sunday morning shows Sunday, and he was appalled. His column’s headline: “Susan Rice and the Retreat of American Power,” and he even calls out David Gregory for sitting there and flatlining, because what Rice did… They were talking about Syria, and Susan Rice said, “Well, the alternative here is to intervene with American boots on the ground, as some have argued, and I think the judgment that the US has made and the president has made is that that’s not in our interests,” and Gregory sat there and flatlined.

He did not ask Susan Rice, “Wait, wait. Who has advocated boots on the ground?” Because nobody has. Nobody has advocated boots on the ground in Syria, and yet here’s Susan Rice creating an Obama straw dog, which is what he always does. “Well, contrary to what some have argued, we should not put…” Nobody’s argued that we should. Anyway, “the retreat of American power.” It is taking place, it is being done purposefully, and it was known that this was going to happen should Obama win way back in 2008.



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