Rove, Romney Caution Against Attacking Hillary; Charlie Cook Asks If She’s Too Old

It is amazing that Hillary is even a serious candidate with all the skeletons in her closet.
Check it out:

I just want to jog your memory a little bit. You remember how the Democrats went all the way back to the time Mitt Romney was at Bain Capital, and they were ripping Romney as a friend of the rich and a guy who didn’t care about the poor and ripping his time at Bain Capital? Let me just tell you: Bill Clinton’s scandals in the nineties are a lot more recent than Romney’s activities at Bain.

Romney stepped down from Bain Capital in 1994. The Clinton-Lewinsky stuff is 1997. So it’s permissible go all the way back to Bain Capital and rip Romney to shreds. Do whatever you want. Go back in time, rip Palin, that doesn’t matter. But you can’t rip Obama, can’t rip Jeremiah Wright, can’t rip Monica Lewinsky, can’t rip the Clintons. Not according to the Republican establishment. But Clinton’s sex scandals are a lot more recent than Romney’s evil activities at Bain Capital.

And they weren’t evil, by the way, and there were no scandals at Bain Capital. Nevertheless, it was all portrayed just as fact that Romney was at Bain, that he co-founded it, and that was a scandal in and of itself. Tea Party super PACs, by the way, raised three times the money of the GOP super PACs last year, and that scares the establishment. Tea Party super PACs. That’s why they also want the IRS investigating the Tea Party. The Tea Party’s out-raising the GOP, super PAC-wise.

Charlie Cook, noted political handicapper, has a piece in his thing, The Cook Report: “Is Hillary Clinton Too Old?”



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