Snowden has certainly shown how horrible the NSA is.
Check it out:

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul has launched an effort to secure clemency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The “Demand Clemency for Edward Snowden” petition is posted on the Ron Paul channel.

“Edward Snowden shocked the world when he exposed the NSA’s illegal and abusive spying program. Instead of applauding him for his bravery and patriotism, the U.S. government labels Snowden a traitor,” the page states. “Join Ron Paul in demanding that Edward Snowden is granted clemency. Sign the Petition. Let’s bring Edward home before his amnesty in Russia expires on July 31, 2014.”

Snowden’s asylum in Russia, however, may extend past July. Last month Alexy Pushkov, a Russian legislator who heads up the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Duma, said his government will extend asylum protection.

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