For Republicans To Learn How To Win Over Hispanic Voters, They Need To Look To Texas

Since when does smaller government and conservative values matter on what color your skin is?
Check it out:

It has become such a repeated mantra in mainstream Republican circles, that it could be nearing cliché status: If the Republican Party is looking to stay politically viable in the future, it must win over Hispanic voters.

But, thus far, it has become a case of easier said than done, considering Latinos have traditionally voted overwhelmingly Democrat. But the GOP need not lose hope, party insiders say — just look to Texas.

A revealing Gallup poll unveiled this month found that in the Lone Star State, more Hispanics identify themselves as Republican than in the country as a whole. Nationwide, Democrats hold a 30 percent advantage among Hispanics over Republicans. But in Texas, that number is just 19 percent.

Part of the reason for that is that Hispanic culture, particularly Mexican-American , has been ingrained in Texas since its founding, with some families stretching back six or seven generations. But Republican strategist Karl Rove – a Texas native – said there is an even more crucial factor that Republicans across the U.S. could take a lesson from the Lone Star State.



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