Since when does smaller government and conservative values matter on what color your skin is?
Check it out:

It has become such a repeated mantra in mainstream Republican circles, that it could be nearing cliché status: If the Republican Party is looking to stay politically viable in the future, it must win over Hispanic voters.

But, thus far, it has become a case of easier said than done, considering Latinos have traditionally voted overwhelmingly Democrat. But the GOP need not lose hope, party insiders say — just look to Texas.

A revealing Gallup poll unveiled this month found that in the Lone Star State, more Hispanics identify themselves as Republican than in the country as a whole. Nationwide, Democrats hold a 30 percent advantage among Hispanics over Republicans. But in Texas, that number is just 19 percent.

Part of the reason for that is that Hispanic culture, particularly Mexican-American , has been ingrained in Texas since its founding, with some families stretching back six or seven generations. But Republican strategist Karl Rove – a Texas native – said there is an even more crucial factor that Republicans across the U.S. could take a lesson from the Lone Star State.

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