The Press Has Relinquished Its Freedom

The liberal press wants to be loved by their leader.
Check it out:

The story about the FCC monitoring is back. “FCC Backs Off Newsroom Study.” You know, there are two things happening with this. A, they never back off anything. They just set it aside for a while where they can bring it back when nobody’s looking. When they propose something like this that gets a lot of pushback, then they shelve it, and they bring it back at a time when nobody will know it’s happening, or when they think there won’t be any pushback.

And the way they’re trying to mask this is, “Wait a minute. You all are misunderstanding this. This was not about monitors in newsrooms for content. If you go back and look at what The Steak was actually saying, ‘Filet’ Mignon Clyburn, she really is concerned about minority ownership. That’s all this was.” Right. The questions about story selection and why and why not has to do with minority ownership.

It’s not about minority ownership at all. The thing, again, that is really cockamamie about this is the media’s already thrown in the towel. Monitors are not needed, folks. There are no monitors needed in most of the newsrooms in this country. Television, newspaper, radio, most of the places monitors are not needed. The media has already chosen sides. The media’s all-in already. The media has given up any pretense of accountability.

The media has chosen the narrative that they wish to support every day. They are all-in for the agenda. These monitors aren’t needed. The guidance isn’t needed. The media is very predictable. You get a Democrat administration, you’re gonna get a media which promotes it and attacks its critics and makes excuses for it. Whatever it has to do to advance the agenda.

You get a Republican and you’re gonna have nothing but constant accountability, constant lies, constant misrepresentation, constant pounding — and everything is gonna happen to make sure the American people hate and despite whoever the American president might happen to be. That’s the game. That’s already happened. You know it as well as I do. That’s why I get frustrated.



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