A Predictable GOP Fold on the Debt Limit

Our only chance is to elect conservatives.
Check it out:

This is, ladies and gentlemen, is a textbook example of how the House Republicans are rewarded by the Democrats and the media for “compromising,” also known as “caving.” “The White House hailed the House vote to increase the debt ceiling as a ‘positive step’ and called on Congress to raise the minimum wage,” and while they’re at it, pass amnesty for illegals. “‘Tonight’s vote is a positive step in moving away from the political brinkmanship that’s a needless drag on our economy,’ press secretary Jay Carney said.”

The spokeskid “called on Congress to enact Obama’s economic agenda of increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour and renewing long-term unemployment insurance benefits.” See? Nothing’s ever enough. The Republicans are desperate for praise from the media sector, and they got it. “Hey, Republicans, way to go! Way to compromise on the debt limit! Now, while you’re at it, how about extending unemployment benefits and raising the minimum wage?

“And, as an added bonus, if you really want us to love you, why don’t you pass amnesty?” I mean, it’s all here. (laughing) I’m surprised the headline isn’t (laughing), “Republicans Buck Limbaugh, Raise Debt Ceiling!” Well, speak of the devil, there is one story. Did I throw it on the bottom of the Stack? Yeah. They’re close to it. The AP: “GOP Bedrock Principle Dropped in Debt Limit Vote.” It’s by our old buddy Jim Kuhnhenn.



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