Poll: ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Harry Potter’ are biblical

This is certainly a sad state of our current culture. Talk about the dumbing down of society.
Check it out:

A new poll conducted by the Bible Society reveals that more than half of the adults who responded believe “The Hunger Games” are biblical and one in three say “Harry Potter” could be a storyline from the sacred text.

“While these statistics may appear surprising at first glance, they are symptomatic of the fact that many children indicate they have never read, seen or even heard these stories,” the poll of respondents from the United Kingdom explained.

Of the parents questioned, 46 percent did not recognize that the account of Noah’s Ark comes from the Bible, according to the results of the January survey of 800 children ages eight to 15 and 1,000 parents.

The survey was taken in preparation for the launch of the organization’s “Pass It On” campaign which is intended to raise the level of knowledge about the Bible.

“We have produced this report to examine the current reading habits and preferences of parents and children and whether they shared our view of the importance of the Bible and its stories,” wrote James Catford, group chief executive for the society.



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