The Politics of the Michael Sam Story

Who cares? Just don’t expect special rights.
Check it out:

You know, folks it’s actually kind of interesting out there. I have an article here from The Nation — a far, far left-wing, extremist publication, rag — and they are mad that there hasn’t been any right-wing reaction to Michael Sam. The headline of the article: “Why the Curious Right-Wing Silence on Michael Sam? — Jonathan Cohn asked an interesting question at The New Republic this week.

“Where is the mainstream, right-wing reaction to NFL prospect and SEC defensive player of the year Michael Sam’s announcement that he is gay?” The left is actually mad that conservatives are not outraged about this — and that, folks, is very interesting in and of itself. The left is a little upset. They’re curious, they can’t figure it out, and they’re a little mad that there isn’t any opposition to this, no reaction to speak of from the so-called right wing.

Here’s how that piece ends: “Republican elites, caught between their own friends and family and their own donors and voters, have decided that silence is the better part of valor. History will judge this as cowardice. That we now hear nothing from them but a chorus of crickets just makes them look odd.” So, you see, folks, if conservatives react negatively, that fulfills the stereotype and the left is happy.

If conservatives don’t say anything, that means they’re cowards, because we know what they all really think. They just don’t have the guts to speak up, and that makes ’em look really odd. That’s right. And if, if a right-winger happened to stand up and say, “Hey, Michael Sam, we love you, too! Welcome to the NFL,” they would accuse the right-winger of lying. So the conservatives can’t win, no matter what.

Don’t say anything?



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