O’Reilly Interview With Obama: What, Me Fundamentally Transform?

I thought the interview exposed a lot of illogical flaws with Obama.
Check it out:

Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama during the Super Bowl was about as effective as the Bronco’s offense Sunday. We’ve all heard the president obfuscate and duck the truth, but this one was a classic. There’s almost no need to ever interview Barack Obama again!

Moving on. Nothing to see here. No need to ask about Benghazi, the IRS, Fast & Furious, the economy, unemployment, the debt ceiling and whatever you do – don’t bring up that whole “Fundamentally Transforming America” thing because apparently the President never said it, never meant it and hasn’t done it.

Way to go Bill O’Reilly and Fox. The only thing more disappointing than the Super Bowl itself was having to sit through another contrived “interview” where Barack Obama continues the fairy tale of how you can add 2+2 and get five. No, really, it’s five. I counted it myself and it’s five. Two and two. Uh-huh.



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