Didn’t they sign a cease fire the other day? Something tells me this isn’t over yet.
Check it out:

Shots rang out and tension remained high in the streets of Kiev Friday, as Ukrainian protest leaders signed a deal with Ukraine’s president to defuse a political crisis that has left scores dead and hundreds injured.

The two sides signed an agreement after hours of European-led negotiations. The deal is a “good compromise for Ukraine. Gives peace a chance. Opens the way for reform and to Europe. Poland and EU support it,” European Union mediator, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, said in a Twitter post Friday. Two opposition spokeswomen said the deal was signed in the Ukrainian president’s office, but had no further details.

The Ukrainian parliament approved amnesty for protesters involved in the recent violence following the agreement Friday.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych gave in to pressure from European diplomats, offering concessions– including elections– and promising to invite the opposition into the government, in an attempt to end the violence. Yanukovych gave no time frame for new elections.

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