How Obama’s VP could be your next president

Anything could happen on either side of the ticket.
Check it out:

When talk turns to who will succeed Barack Obama as the Democratic standard bearer, Vice President Joe Biden usually gets a perfunctory mention. But Biden is sending signals he might be taking a presidential bid seriously, and the truth is, his odds aren’t as laughable as you might think.

In the last few days, Biden has made news by calling that Syracuse player who hit the game winning shot – and by taking his own shot at Republicans during a Democratic caucus retreat.

But it was what was said about him at that same retreat that I found the most telling. During his introduction, Rep. James Clyburn, the Assistant Democratic Leader, said Biden “might be the most important vice president in history.” Clyburn also hinted at a Biden presidential run, saying: “For some strange reason, Joe Biden has developed an affinity for South Carolina.”



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