Where does the constitution say the outcome must be equal for everyone?
Check it out:

The president has been on this kick lately of income inequality and fixing it. We gotta do something about economic inequality, educational inequality and income inequality. It’s just all equality. We gotta do something about it! The president said, “If the Congress doesn’t do anything about it, I have a pen, and I have a phone, and I will do it myself.”

Now, the way liberals go about changing inequality. A, the whole premise is flawed because you can’t. There is no such thing as equality, other than of opportunity and before the law. But there is no equality of what’s gonna happen to you when you engage or pursue your opportunity, and there’s no guarantee that’s what’s gonna happen to you once you have your equality before the law. There is no equality of outcome.

It’s always held out as a utopian dream, but it’s not possible. Equality is not possible. The pursuit of equality, however, people really love that. For some reason, people attach the most wonderful of motives to people who say they see all this inequality out there and need to fix it. It’s just not fair. You’ll hear it manifest itself in discussions about the so-called widening gap between the rich and the poor or the widening gap between men and women. It’s like actually two twin beds, but that’s another story.

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