Obama’s Syrian Red Line Failure Encouraged Putin Over Ukraine

Tyrants around the world know that Obama won’t do anything to stop them.
Check it out:

A lot of the reporting that has come out of Kiev over the past 72 hours has been both gratuitous and under-informed.

There are some people getting it right though. And in amongst the war-porn — that is to say all the imagery we are presented with on social media, often without explanation — there can be found elements of sanity, balance, and even flashes of excellence.

The geopolitical implications of the protests and subsequent backlash in Kiev are often reduced to, “Yeah but they want to be part of the European Union, right?” or, “That Putin sure is a nasty piece of work, eh?”.

But the truth is both more complex than many would have you believe, and indeed more simple.

Ok, that makes as much sense as the war porn presented in isolation.



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