Obama’s Lawlessness? Nobody Cares

Liberals make excuses for lack of morals.
Check it out:

He’s one of many people saying, “Where is Congress?” The Democrats in Congress are celebrating what Obama’s doing. Sheila Jackson Lee… You think she’s one of these women who’s smarter than her husband? (interruption) You don’t? (interruption) That’s true. I haven’t seen her husband, either. (interruption) Okay. (interruption) All right.

So, anyway, she says that the purpose for Congress now, what they should be doing is writing executive orders for Obama to sign. The Democrats in Congress want to see more of this tyranny. They want to see more of this dictatorial-type stuff. They are happy. I mean, he’s one of them. They don’t disagree with him on anything. They’re happy to step aside and let him play dictator.

Okay, then next is the Supreme Court. Well, they can’t do anything until somebody brings something to them. Now, I have to think… I’m shooting in the dark here, but there are some justices on the Supreme Court who would just relish slapping this down on constitutional grounds if the opportunity were presented, ’cause this is turning the Constitution upside down, and there are some justices who revere it.

If somebody ever brought a case, if somehow one of these separation-of-powers cases could be brought or any of this stuff that Obama’s doing with Obamacare, it would be fascinating to see. (interruption) Well, but look how long it takes a case to get to the Supreme Court is my point. (interruption) Well, yeah, but the Democrats in the Senate aren’t gonna do anything, and we know that the Republicans in the House aren’t gonna do anything. They’re not. Nobody wants to confront Obama on any of this.



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