The funny thing is how they just want to delay things until after elections.
Check it out:

In the movie “The Naked Gun,” crack detective Frank Drebin comes across a firework factory that’s on fire and is collapsing in on itself. “Nothing to see here,” he calmly tells on-lookers as employees flee the explosions. “Please disburse.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Sarah Kliff of The Washington Post.

Kliff takes pains to explain that it’s no big deal that the Obama administration has decided to delay a large part of the employer mandate. Again. “[T]he employer mandate is not an especially important policy lever in the Affordable Care Act,” she writes at the Post’s Wonkblog. After all, she explains, most employees already have health insurance through work.

So any “delays to the employer mandate can matter politically. But as for what they mean for who Obamacare covers, this delay will likely amount to a relatively small, if non-existent, change,” she writes.

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