Obama Has Nullified the Legislative Branch

Obama will do anything to make sure his power is absolute.
Check it out:

The president does behave outside the Constitution. I mean, Sheila Jackson Lee, in the House of Representatives, is saying that their job now is to write executive orders for Obama to sign. Not laws, but write executive orders! During his State of the Coup speech, when Obama announced that if they didn’t do what he wanted, he’s gonna go do it anyway, the Democrats stood up and cheered.

He in effect told members of Congress, “Screw you,” and they gave him a standing ovation! They are totally willing to grant dictatorial power to one of their own, and they gave that premise a standing ovation. So Boehner then says (paraphrased), “Well, I mean, why even do it? He’s not gonna obey whatever we come up with. He’s not obeying the laws we have now. He’s not obeying his own law.

“He sued the state of Arizona for coming up with the state law that mirrored federal law on immigration!” What’s the next logical step in a case like this? Whatever happened to be concerned with gridlock? This is gridlock on steroids. This is not even gridlock. This is the president of the United States effectively nullifying the legislative branch of government, basically saying, “You know what?” and he has in practically these words and said this.

“You know what? I got a pen and I got a phone, and if they don’t do what I want, I’m gonna do it anyway.” But you can’t impeach the first black president, no matter how corrupt or how lawless. So, what’d Dr. King say? He dreamt of the day when we’d judge men by the content of their character instead of the skin color — and skin color is everything now, and it is acting as a paralyzing agent.



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