Obama calls on Ukraine president to ‘de-escalate’ violence, talk with protesters

It seems that the world is about to explode in protests.
Check it out:

Another day of deadly clashes between Ukraine dissidents and police drove the death toll up to 26 Wednesday, as pressure mounted on the government — from the United States and the European Union — to pull back security forces and start discussions with the opposition to quell the violence.

Ukranian riot police clashed with protesters occupying a square in central Kiev Wednesday morning, spraying water cannons at crowds who hurled back Molotov cocktails in response, according to Reuters.

The White House, hoping to reduce the escalating tensions, said it would like to see Russia become more involved and support efforts to find a truce between the two sides, Reuters reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych overnight, his spokesman said, but added that Putin told him that it’s up to the Ukrainian government to end the bloodshed.



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