Obama Asserts Federal Control Over Discipline in Public Schools

Liberals have made government schools such a failure already that I can only imagine how much worse they will get through this takeover.
Check it out:

It is from Forbes. Here’s the headline. “Obama Administration Takes Groupthink To Absurd Lengths: School Discipline Rates Must Be ‘Proportionate.'” I’m gonna get some pull quotes, but I’m gonna read to you how this thing starts. “Barack Obama has wrapped himself in egalitarianism all his political career and now that dissatisfaction with his goal of ‘transforming’ America is growing, he’s pushing equality more relentlessly than ever.”

Well, let’s examine that. Obama is trying to transform America. That is his major goal. And Mr. Leef here contends that there is growing dissatisfaction with this. Well, there may be growing dissatisfaction, but is Obama not succeeding? I wouldn’t say he’s not succeeding. I think he’s had profound success so far. But what this story says is that Obama is unhappy with the dissatisfaction. Obama is not happy that people oppose him, so he is going to push for this transformation even more relentlessly than he ever has.

“Last fall, he declared income equality to be the ‘defining challenge of our time.’ That’s laughable, but in January, his administration — specifically the Departments of Justice and Education — went even further with a ‘guidance’ letter that demands a group equality approach to student discipline in America’s public schools.”



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