Another reason not to go to government schools.
Check it out:

This must be what Barack Obama meant in his State of the Union by a “ladder of opportunity.” Ladders, after all, are bidirectional. You can go up, but you can also go down.

And “down” is the only direction available from now to gifted applicants to P.S. 139 in the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn. The school’s SOAR program — short for “Students of Academic Rigor” — is being phased out. Smarter kids will just need to make the best of it down there with the kids who couldn’t make the grade.

Maybe I’m just being a gloomy Gus, failing to see the “good” that will come out of this move. New York’s left-leaning Daily News apparently sees it. The headline of the newspaper’s article reads “Brooklyn school cutting gifted program to boost diversity.”

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