So Now ID Cards Are Good? Yet Bad When It Comes To Little Things Like Voting?

Liberals don’t get their hypocrisy and only care about maintaining their easy fraud.
Check it out:

Mayor Bill de Blasio charted a robust liberal agenda for New York City on Monday, pledging to bypass Washington to address economic and social disparities by expanding benefits for illegal immigrants and pressing for a higher local minimum wage.

In his first State of the City address, Mr. de Blasio said New York would become the largest municipality to offer identification cards to residents regardless of their legal status, making it easier for undocumented immigrants to open bank accounts, lease apartments or borrow library books.

And he vowed to bring New York in line with other liberal strongholds, like San Francisco and Washington, that already set their own minimum wage, although Mr. de Blasio will need approval from legislators in Albany to enact his version.



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