The New Republic’s Miserable Valentine

Liberals brains must be totally wired differently.
Check it out:

Here is a tweet from the New Republic. Happy Valentine’s Day from the New Republic. “If your other half bought you a Valentine’s card, be sure to say thanks for the 18.5 grams of CO2 it created.”

In other words, if you got a Valentine card, you better be aware that that card is contributing to global warming and the destruction of the planet. What a bunch of miserable people! These people… I always noted, liberals do not enjoy life. They do not laugh. They’re incapable of it. They are constantly in search of misery, constantly in search of victims — and, accordingly, constantly in search of demons and villains.

You put a liberal in the room, and you’ve just taken all the joy out of the room. Whatever joy and peace is there, you throw just one liberal in there, and you have poisoned the atmosphere of the whole room. People get so concerned. You know what I don’t get? And, by the way, the New Republic has a whole story about this. “Valentine’s Day is an Environmental Travesty — the carbon cost of greeting cards.”

It’s by a guy named Jeffrey Ball. How many grams of pollution is the New Republic, if you somebody gives you a subscription to that? It’s a dead-tree publication. How much CO2’s in the atmosphere because of the New Republic? “Valentine’s Day is an Environmental Travesty.” You know, every day we have to listen to what a bunch of stodgy, old-fashioned, un-hip, stuck-in-the-mud creeps Republicans and conservatives are.



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