Uh oh. Now Obama has made NASCAR mad. He’s in trouble now.
Check it out:

Yes, NASCAR’s Kenny Shepherd “liked his health insurance and wanted to keep it”, but like 5 million other Americans he is now facing tough (and unwanted) choices. This is the January 31st statement he has given exclusively to PolitiChicks.tv:

I just got off the phone with the doctor I have seen for more than 20 years and he gave me the bad news that due to Obamacare he can no longer see me. On December 1st I found out my old insurance policy jumped up to $1,000 per month with an $11,000.00 deductible. Today I learned the new insurance I have is not accepted by my doctor. So if I want to continue seeing the doctor I have a 20-year relationship with my only option is to pay him cash.

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