Something seems off here. Thought they had made it almost impossible to take your home. Or is that only when the government is not involved.
Check it out:

A Syracuse man had his home seized after he paid back $9,877 in city taxes over a six-month period — but came up $936 short.

“I tried so hard. I tried so hard to make these payments,” Calvin James, who found out he lost the home when he walked into City Hall on Dec. 6 with a $1,500 check, told The Syracuse Post-Standard.The property had been seized Dec. 4.

The paper reported that the city launched an aggressive foreclosure campaign in 2012. The program puts the troubled properties into the Syracuse-area land bank, which either sells or demolishes them. James, who paid $8,500 in 2009 for the property, is currently renting his old home for $500 a month, the report said.

The city told the paper it’s sorry the way James’ story worked out.

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