Making Sense of the Senseless

Making sense out of the logic of liberals is impossible since there are no rules.
Check it out:

You’ve heard ’em one way or another, you’ve heard ’em say, “The demographics in the country are changing, Rush, and we’ve got this influx of Hispanics. Forget immigration. They’re being born. We’re gonna have to convert these people to Republicans, and one of the ways to do it is be for amnesty, because we all know that every Hispanic wants every other Hispanic to be able to come to this country legally whenever they want to. And that’s how we’ll show them we love ’em; that’s how we show them that we’re on their side; that’s how we show them they can vote for us.” So we’re gonna get into identity politics? That’s something we’ve never done. We’ve stood for everybody.

Conservatism doesn’t see groups, doesn’t see victims — well, other than people that vote Democrat. But we don’t want to capitalize on it. We want to remove them from victim status. We want to teach them self-reliance, rugged individualism. We want them to be able to provide for themselves. We want them to maximize their lives. We want them to get the most out of life possible. We want them not depending on a political party, no matter which one.

But that doesn’t seem to be the objective now.

It seems like our party’s looking at things in this identity politics way. “Okay, we’ll have a position to get the Hispanics, then next we’re gonna have to do something for women. You know, this War on Women they’re gonna say? That’s killing us. We’re gonna have to do something to convince the women that we don’t hate ’em like the Democrats say.” What’s that gonna be? I shudder to think what that’s gonna be down the line.

But that isn’t who we are.

We don’t see people as members of groups or sexes or orientations. We see Americans. We see a country. We see a distinct American culture that’s the envy of the world, that provides more opportunity for people who want to work for it than has ever existed anywhere in the world, and we don’t understand why… Well, we do understand why. But we don’t understand why people wouldn’t want have beliefs like that be the primary definitions of our society and the country.

They’ve convinced a number of people — 91 or 92 million people are not working and they’re still eating, so what’s the problem? I understand what we’re up against. But what the Republicans are doing in this simply doesn’t make any sense.



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