Limbaugh to Millennials: Pay the Fine

Liberals seem to think millennials want this.
Check it out:

Signing up for Obamacare is just part of growing up? Your premiums are gonna be cheaper? Your premiums are gonna be through the roof. Everybody’s premiums are gonna be through the roof. “We want to encourage more young people to sign up, partly because since they’re healthier, their premiums are gonna generally gonna be cheap.” Wrongo! You young people, the reason he wants you to sign up is they’re overcharging you for two reasons.

A, they think you’re working and can afford it. B, you are healthy and you’re not gonna be making any claims. So you’re gonna be spending… I don’t know. Just pick a number for the sake of discussion here. You’re gonna be spending $12,000 a year on health care, but you’re not gonna be making any claims, so you’re not gonna cost them any money. But they want your 12 grand, and everybody else in your age-group’s 12 grand, so that they can fund health care for Nanaw and Grandpa and Aunt Eustace.

That’s what you’re supposed to pay for. You’re suckers. The cheapest way… I’m gonna tell you why. I’ll be honest. You young people, the best way for you to go is to go the penalty route. Pay the fine. What would you rather do, pay $10,000 for health insurance that you don’t even want and don’t need, or pay a fine of about 1200 bucks and still be legal? You can get away with paying the fine for two or three years.

Eventually the fine’s gonna be more expensive than the policy — and that’s all by design, too. They want people roped in thinking this is gonna be cheaper, and then after you’re in and there’s nothing else for you to do but go to the government to get your health care, then you get whacked with big premiums. But this is absurd to say that your premiums are cheaper because you’re younger. You people are paying the freight. You people, you young people, you’re the guinea pigs. I’m telling you, pay the fine.



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