Why Libs Fear Black Conservatives

Because liberals are racists.
Check it out:

In their minds, you really represent a threat, and you are brainwashed, and you are working at odds against your race because the traitorous nature of what you are doing. There’s no tolerance. You’re experiencing that there’s absolutely no tolerance for your beliefs. It has nothing to do with your skin color. Well, it does in the sense that you’re not supposed to be conservative.

You’re not even permitted to be conservative, and they’re free to call you any name in the world, and they’re free to attack you any way they want. What it really comes down to, if you really want to know the truth — and this is why you should not cave and never be intimidated by this — this is ’cause, Mark, you ultimately represent a threat to them. That’s exactly why they’re scared to death of Clarence Thomas and people like him.



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