How Liberals View Women

Liberals view women as another group that can be dependent on government.
Check it out:

Okay, Cuomo’s a liberal. The image is that liberals love women, women’s rights and all this. Do you know that Planned Parenthood — I may get some of this wrong. I saw it and I didn’t print it out, but Planned Parenthood is urging women to get abortions for Valentine’s Day. And this is what liberal Democrats support. The idea that liberal Democrats are looking out for women. Liberal Democrats, it’s amazing the way they see women. I’m amused at this public perception that conservatives and Republicans are engaged in a War on Women, when in fact Democrats see women as basically just walking vaginas.

Democrats see women as nothing but walking vaginas looking to have sex every chance they get, and then they go get an abortion whenever they need one or they gotta give ’em birth control pills or whatever. If you listen to your average liberal Democrat talk about women, that’s it. That’s what they think the only thing women are concerned about is, is making sure they can have sex whenever they want to have it, and then they’re covered, either with contraception or an abortion. And anybody that opposes that is obviously engaged in a War on Women. It’s nonsense.



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