Liberals Redefine Abortion as End-of-Life Care

Can we consider this a step as them finally acknowledging a baby in the womb as a life?
Check it out:

A story on has redefined abortion as “end-of-life care.” The author is a medical student and mother who, with her husband, chose to have an abortion saying it was a ”parenting decision” — not one of when life begins, but a decision of “how and when life should end:”

The rhetoric surrounding abortion focuses primarily on the question of when life begins — is the fetus a baby at six weeks? 12? 20? — and whether women have the right to make choices about their pregnant bodies. In our case, abortion was a parenting decision — the most important and powerful one I have yet to make. This might not be comfortable or convenient for the pro-choice narrative, but it’s the truth. Some aspects of abortion might rightfully be best considered in the context of when life begins, but in situations like ours, the most salient fact was how and when life should end.



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