Legal to Discriminate Against Christians

Liberals now have a green light to discriminate against Christians. You can be sure they will be out in force suing anyone who has a disagreement with their choices. Lawsuits will be filed against churches who won’t allow gay marriages on their premises. Liberals will be excited at how easy it will now be to put Christians in their place through the courts. And you can be sure this won’t just stop at gay marriage. We no longer live in a free country.
Check it out:

The president of the Family Research Council said Wednesday on “The Kelly File” that “all sorts of wild claims” led to Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision earlier in the day to veto a controversial bill that would have allowed businesses the right to deny service to gays and others based on religious beliefs.

“Unfortunately, this is how fundamental freedoms are trampled,” Tony Perkins said. “You create a stampede by spooking politicians in public with misinformation.”

He said the law was vetoed despite 11 law professors from across the country sending a letter to Brewer saying the law was legal.

Perkins added that the law was needed in order to clarify the state’s legal position on what qualifies as religious objection in places of business.



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