The Left’s NFL Takeover

We can’t seem to keep liberals out of anything in life.
Check it out:

It’s the next Hollywood for liberal domination, and they’re gonna try to make it just as hip as the music industry is. Speaking of which, look at what Jay-Z is doing. Jay-Z is now all over the NFL. He is a licensed agent for the NBA and Major League Baseball. Take a look at something else. Every time an NBA game is on in New York or LA, you see big entertainment stars for music, TV, and movies — and, increasingly, politicians are showing up.

Bill Clinton. Obama has wormed his way into sports big time with his bracket selection. You can’t watch a Super Bowl or a Sunday night game without getting socked with politics from either Bob Costas or an interview with Obama. I mean, there’s no mistaking it. There’s no doubt what’s happening here. There is a liberal encroachment on the game. It’s subtle, and it’s just to make the game and the whole enterprise appear to be part of the progressive movement — and it’s got it all.

It’s got young athletes, sex appeal, huge television exposure, marketing exposure, turning the players into the same kind of celebrities that hip-hop artists are, the same kind of celebrities that other TV stars are. Young demographics are watching, huge opportunities to influence votes. The Regime co-opted a couple of teams to promote Obamacare, the Baltimore Ravens being one of them. You know, liberals own big entertainment, and a lot of them own NFL teams. Jeffrey Lurie of the Eagles is a super progressive. There are a number of them. Steve Tisch, New York Giants.

So I don’t think they’re gonna try stamp it out. I think instead they are going to attempt basically to take it over and to make what happens in football as naturally progressive and liberal as what happens in movies or on television shows. And the people who become stars in the NFL are gonna show up on TV and they’re gonna have the same — As evidence of this, look at, out of nowhere, the big push for the acceptance of gay marriage in the NFL, by two players who were immediately embraced.

Neither of them were big stars at the time, but they were embraced and they were given all kinds of coverage and airtime. Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo — getting his last name wrong. Linebacker for the Ravens. And now there’s, of course, Michael Sam, first announced gay to enter the NFL draft. So it’s clear it’s happening. They don’t want to stamp out the NFL. They don’t want to eliminate it. They want to conquer it. That’s what’s in the process of happening.



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