Labor Secretary: Workers Must Choose Between Food and Health Care

The absurdity of liberals is absolute.
Check it out:

Now today Obama’s out talking about income inequality and how rotten it is for people in this country, and he just went out and did it again. He just issued a fatwa — executive order, sorry. My bad. He issued an executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contractors from $7.25 an hour to $10.10.

Now, he had telegraphed this last week that he was gonna do, but he did it. Right there. He’s gonna sign it here in just a second. Who needs Congress? “Well, Rush, they’re federal contractors. What the hell? He is their boss. He can do whatever he wants.” Oh, of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Big signing ceremony, there it is, Obama. Don’t forget, that sound bite we just played. Here, grab 26. Play this again, with a little time to put this in context.

This really is amazing. It’s the labor secretary, Thomas Perez. He’s at the White House, a daily press briefing. This is in conjunction with Obama raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, and this guy is out talking about how necessary this is. Do you know, by the way — just to remind you. Do you know what percentage of people who are working earn the minimum wage? Oh, it’s 1.2%. We had it last week.

The number of people who work actually earn the minimum wage is 1.2% of the working workforce — which, of course, is itself a shrinking number. The minimum wage is a purely political football designed by and for the Democrats to demonstrate how they have compassion, how they care about the little guy. So there’s this massive signing ceremony, but as you listen to this bite, keep in mind, Obama and his policies have been in force now for five years.

The unions are his buddies. He has gone out of his way in these five years to throw goodies to his union buddies, but this sound bite makes it sound like that we’ve got a Republican president who’s trying to shut down every union shop in this country — and, lo and behold, this guy, Barack Obama, is this lone warrior trying to save the day.



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