Just Say No, Republicans

Stopping liberals has to be our goal until we get a conservative majority.
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, when we opened yesterday we spent about an hour, maybe a little bit longer, talking about immigration and the Republican Party — where they are on it, what’s happening, Democrat and Republican electoral fortunes in the House and the Senate — and there’s more on that today. The Republicans are having their three-day retreat in Maryland, and there’s a really confusing story here from TheHill.com. The headline reads this: “Boehner: House GOP is ‘Alternative’ to Obama, Not ‘the Opposition.'”

Now, if that is accurate, that is also problematic. We need to be the opposition. An alternative, obviously. But these guys (if this is true) want to split hairs over the difference in being an opposition and an alternative? Here’s how the story starts. This is the actual text: “House Republicans arrived at their retreat here in search of an agenda for 2014, hoping to show voters that they are, in the words of Speaker John Boehner, the ‘alternative party,’ not simply the opposition to President Obama.”

Now, I want to be fair here because this headline is really misleading. They say here in their lede, Boehner said they’re not “the opposition” party. Yet the headline says we are the “‘alternative,’ not ‘the opposition.'” But you put “not JUST the opposition,” and you totally change the meaning of what you’re reporting. Leaving the word “just” out of the headline, quoting Boehner, is big. That’s why I had to dig deeper and read further, because as they say here plain as day, Boehner said not just the opposition party.

But The Hill’s headline might be closer to the truth than we would like.



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